Hemant Jatla

Principal, Datafrond

Hemant has over 20 years of business and information technology consulting experience in the field of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Internet of Things (IoT). He has assisted numerous large and small companies to implement business process and systems with in verity of product and service industries. As a consultant, he recommends solutions to complex product development issues, and then designs and implements business processes and systems using advanced manufacturing technologies.

Session Track: Life Sciences

Tuesday, June 11 12:15 PM - 1:00 PM 108 Audio

LS269CA - MicroVention – A Digital Transformation Project

MicroVention, a medical device company that develops minimally-invasive devices for treatment of vascular diseases in the brain, is undergoing a digital transformation. Its PLM initiative lays the foundation for the company’s long term strategy to achieve competitive advantage by extending the digital value chain from R&D to Manufacturing and beyond. Digital transformation starts with the adoption of a company-wide PLM implementation to improve business processes and replace legacy systems with a comprehensive digital platform to reduce errors and improve productivity. In this session will describe the MicroVention vision, explain project implementation, and discuss how key implementation decisions support the company’s long-term growth.

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Session Track: Life Sciences

Times for this session to be announced soon

LS197I - Managing Product Variants in a Global Medical Device Market

Understanding market opportunities from a regulatory, reimbursement, and healthcare delivery perspective, as well as understanding market fluctuations, are the first steps in planning a global strategy—what is the market doing now and what may it be doing in the future? The post-approval, post-market and regulatory landscape is equally critical. Just within the US-EU axis, a Class II device in the US might be Class III in Europe, with different regulations and requirements across the whole development lifecycle. Likewise, in China device approvals may require additional endpoints, and retrofitting your data could cause years of delay.

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