Hisham Bedri

Senior Engineer, Innovation Engineering, PTC

Hisham is a graduate from the MIT Media Lab where his focus was on Augmented Reality journalism. He’s published on sonar for mobile phones, through wall interaction, and VR for learning. At PTC, he focuses on 3D reality capture and virtualization for tele-operation and remote collaboration. Fun fact! Hisham likes to freestyle rap and can teach others the skill.

Session Track: AR/MR/VR

Tuesday, June 11 1:30 PM - 1:45 PM PTC Reality Lab

AI078I - Reality Zone: Volumetric Capture Space for Remote Operation and Collaboration

Programming a machine usually requires a specialized programmer to be next to the machine. Often this programming is done with a highly trained specialist that implements ladder-logic or explicitly written code. While programs can be deployed onto machines remotely, it is dangerous for a programmer to make changes to an industrial machine without seeing the effect in real life. Our system uses a volumetric capture space to create a live 3D model of everything within the space. A remote operator can then view this space in 3D from a desktop application. In addition to the live 3D model, the system generates a 3D user interface for programming and configuring machines within the space in a spatially coherent way. Local operators can interact with the system using mobile phones which track the machine in augmented reality. Any number of local operators can interact with a remote operator to simultaneously program and configure the machine.

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