Jeff Bates

Product Manager, PTC

Jeff Bates leads product management for ThingWorx's portfolio of edge and connectivity applications, including ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity, KEPServerEX and all Kepware products, the ThingWorx Edge Microserver and the ThingWorx Edge SDKs. Jeff works closely with end-users, partners, and industry experts to ensure that ThingWorx connectivity solutions remain best-in-class. Prior to this role he consulted with leading manufacturers, helping them define growth strategies and tactics. He received his MBA from the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia.

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s606 - The Edge: Providing the 'Things' for the IoT

This session will cover the first step in any industrial IoT or Industrie 4.0 deployment or proof of concept- connecting assets. This session will discuss real connectivity use cases for both operators and Product OEMs, and illustrate some of the key requirements for edge technology.

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Times for this session to be announced soon

s607 - 5 Requirements for Getting IT and Operations to Champion IoT

More and more companies are working to capitalize on the promise of industrial IoT for better business intelligence, process improvement, and intelligent asset management. To realize this, IT and Operations departments increasingly need to work together. This is challenging, as these departments have fundamentally different goals and ways of working. The fact is that it is incumbent on industrial IoT technology itself to allow both IT and Operations to continue to be successful in their traditional roles while also benefiting from IoT.

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