Jeremy Goodwin

CEO, SyncFab

Jeremy is CEO of SyncFab, the first Industry-4.0 Ready Manufacturing Supply Chain Blockchain Platform and Partner to CESMII, The U.S. D.O.E’s Clean Energy Manufacturing Network appointed by the White House. SyncFab municipal partners include San Francisco and San Leandro. Previously, Jeremy served as EVP & CFO of China Advanced Construction Materials Company, leading to a NASDAQ IPO.

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Developing Blockchain technology as a catalyst for the digital transformation of the manufacturing supply chain!

Session Track: IIoT for Products & Service

Monday, June 10 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM 156A

BC086 - Responsible Supply Chains & Ethical Sourcing

Supply chains have become incredibly complex and opaque by today’s standards. However, there’s been an increasing amount of pressure from consumers, employees, and shareholders towards organizations implementing socially responsible supply chains providing transparency into the social (human & labor rights), environmental, sourcing, and overall governance throughout the lifecycle of goods and services. Over the next five years, the market is already looking to optimistically to grow between $889 million and $2.7 billion as organizations explore, implement, and scale a range of solutions, and as developers continue to build new tools. Our panel guests will share insights on the best practices, tools, and solutions available, along with the overall impact this shift will have on the future of the enterprise.

**This session is part of the Enterprise Blockchain Summit by ReadWrite Labs. If you wish to attend this session, please register for the co-located event during the registration process or by logging back into your registration path and adding it to your existing package.**

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