Joe Barkai

Principal, JBMC

Joe Barkai is a recognized industry analyst, strategy adviser, blogger, and published author. He focuses on researching, forecasting, and the strategic application of technology to drive innovation, competitiveness, and business processes excellence. With years of experience helping organizations across multiple industries chart product and market strategies, Joe offers a unique ability to “connect the dots” and articulate the business value of emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and machine learning. In his book The Outcome Economy: How the Industrial Internet of Things is Changing Every Business, Joe explores the impact of the Industrial Internet of Things on manufacturing companies and discusses product innovation and operation in an always-connected world. Joe is the Chairman of the Automotive IoT Program at SAE, the world’s largest organization of automotive engineers, working on emerging technologies and business models in connected cars, autonomous driving, and mobility of the future.

Session Details

Tuesday, June 19 4:15 PM - 5:00 PM 156 C (Robotics & AI Summit)

s832 - Artificial Intelligence is Here: What You Need to Know and How to Make AI Work for You

After decades of hard work and many false starts, artificial intelligence technology has finally arrived. Rosy promises and daily stories about the success of artificial intelligence and machine learning applications continue to garner interest and drive investments in AI-based applications in almost every business sector.

But these early success stories are often accompanied by doubts about the ability to scale AI applications, concerns about loss of privacy, and doomsday predictions about machines taking over jobs and revolt against their creators.

Navigating through the sea of artificial intelligence jargon and implementation methods can be daunting. And understanding and separating the technology promise from its potential perils is equally overwhelming.

Based on his years of experience developing AI-based asset maintenance software, Joe will take you through the promises, perils, and challenges of developing AI-driven diagnostic and prognostic systems. He will focus on the practical issues of selecting the appropriate AI technology for the task at hand, systems development and employment lifecycle, machine learning strategies, and how to drive user adoption.

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Monday, June 18 1:30 PM - 2:15 PM 156 ABC (Robotics & AI Summit)

s820 - Panel Discussion: Machine Learning: How Predictive Maintenance and Optimization is Your Competitive Edge

This session discusses how the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), big data analysis, and dynamic case management can help devices become proactive participants in their own maintenance. Points to be discussed include the pros and cons of supervised vs. unsupervised learning, techniques for reducing downtime by using predictive analysis, utilizing forecasting tools effectively to make accurate predictions, and examples of successful applications of machine learning.

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