John Bortel II

Senior Technology Consultant, Sabel Systems Technology Solutions

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Currently working with the U.S. Air Force on Industrial Internet of Things implementations, as well as Smart Building connected operations.

Session Track: Aerospace & Defense Symposium

Wednesday, June 12 1:15 PM - 1:30 PM INDUSTRIAL EDGE STAGE

AD142I - Sabel Systems: Improving Operational Visibility

Attend this session to see how disparate airport systems and components can be connected using Thingworx Kepware to provide real-time operational data for compliance monitoring, trend analysis, and benchmarking.

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Session Track: Aerospace & Defense Symposium

Tuesday, June 11 2:15 PM - 3:00 PM 205A

AD3B - Smart Connected Operations (IIoT and RFID) for Manufacturing and Remote Monitoring

Attend this session to hear two case studies from Southwest Airlines (Sabel Systems) and Crean & Associates leveraging the value of ThingWorx for Smart Connected Operations. Sabel Systems Technology Solutions and Southwest Airlines used ThingWorx to create a cloud hosted Central Monitoring System (CMS) for their Corporate Facilities team who are responsible for maintaining the equipment that is critical to airline operations. The CMS enables real time remote visibility to airport equipment performance at the component level, automated alert and escalation features that reduce downtime, a direct interface with Southwest's Computerized Maintenance Management System to create work orders, and robust reporting for benchmarking and trend analysis. Crean & Associates will present the ROI calculation for an IIoT and RFID program for all stakeholders. Their presentation will include an optimization strategy and showcase how an IIoT and RFID program will future proof the organization by ensuring its competitiveness in the industry.

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