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John Kutsch

President, Whole World LLC Design Engineers

Mr. Kutsch provides his internal and external clients with world class innovation and engineering. He is an expert in CAD and Project Life Cycle Management. Other areas of expertise are in Fabrication, Materials Selection, Prototype Production, Casting, Forming, Rapid prototyping and computer visualization of a CAD models, Stress Analysis, Quality Function Deployment and performance modeling to ensure client receives the design they envisioned.
Projects are completed on time and on budget because Mr. Kutsch manages and integrates his own skills with the best team members he has discovered over the years.
Mr. Kutsch never forgets that someone's life, livelihood and investment depends on every project.

Undergrad : Southern Illinois University
Graduate MBA : Loyola University Chicago
Advanced: Baxter Executive Program
Parametric Technologies Certified Expert

Professional Durations
28 Years Engineer , Process, Materials and Product Development
5 Years Baxter Advance Engineering and Design Center
19 Years Training Engineers in CAD, Project Management, Process & Product Development
10 Years Executive Director , Thorium Energy Alliance ( T.E.A. )
7 Years V.P. Conceptual Design Development

Session Track: CAD

Tuesday, June 9 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM OnDemand

CA1360CU - Igniting Energy System Development in a Highly Regulated Industry

Many of us face large, complex, engineering projects with competing requirements in highly-regulated industries. If that’s you, you won’t want to miss this session. With Creo as a backdrop, this session will show how the design engineers created one of the first complete engineering plans for a new type of Gen 4 Advanced nuclear power plant that will be put into production, how they kept their models flexible, and their hard-won advice to anyone who faces similarly complex projects. Specifically, the session will lay out the broad and competing requirements definitions for the business case, the engineering systems, and how those competing needs were met with the help and power of Creo. Expect many pictures of the highs and lows along the way to designing the very definition of a ‘large, complex, engineering project’ - an Integrated Molten Salt Reactor.

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