Jonathan BIORET

Project Manager, Airbus

Jonathan Biography:

In November 2011, Jonathan began his career as an operator on the A380 in Nantes and A350XWB in Saint-Nazaire. He has a degree in industrial product design, which led him to participate in the installation of a hydraulic screwdriver for the A350 XWB program. In June 2018, Jonathan presented his current “Smartdrill” project to the Airbus BizLab, an aerospace accelerator in Toulouse. Meet him at the LiveWorx breakout sessions to know more!

Topic description:

Bridging the digital and the physical worlds on the production line

Discover an innovative way to connect physical operations and the digital world, using computer vision and augmented reality. The solution allows--in real time—improvements in quality, more precise operations and to virtually communicate production data to various stakeholders. Such an innovative approach contributes to traceability, product quality, and operational efficiency.

Tell Us Something Interesting:

I am excited to lead an impactful project for manufacturing. Indeed, I started my career as an operator on the shopfloor and I am now able to improve the way we build aircraft.

Session Track: Aerospace & Defense Symposium

Tuesday, June 11 1:15 PM - 2:00 PM 210A

AD2B - Airbus Enterprise Architecture for Digital Twin and Digital Continuity

In the frame of its Digital Transformation initiative, Airbus launched several projects to produce quickly with high quality standards, reduce time to market and better satisfy their customer. Bringing the digital twin to life on the shopfloor is one of their initiatives, highly contributing to digital continuity in design and manufacturing. Integration of new technologies like robotics, industrial IoT, and AR, as well as establishing seamless bridges with IS backbone components are key. Attend this session to hear how to optimize operational performance by leveraging the availability of smart tools such as drilling units through anticipation in the process. The solution implemented provides insights about drilling operations both to the methods and to the designers. It results as well in improved traceability, better quality, and aims at cost and complexity reduction.

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