Joshua Corman

SVP, Chief IoT Security Officer, PTC

Joshua Corman is PTC’s Chief Security Officer, with a history of security activism at the nexus of IoT and the health care industry. He serves as the director of the Cyber Statecraft Initiative at the Atlantic Council's Brent Scowcroft Center and a founder of I am The Cavalry (dot org). Corman previously served as CTO for Sonatype, director of security intelligence for Akamai, and in senior research and strategy roles for The 451 Group and IBM Internet Security Systems. He co-founded @RuggedSoftware and @IamTheCavalry to encourage new security approaches in response to the world’s increasing dependence on digital infrastructure. Josh's unique approach to security in the context of human factors, adversary motivations, and social impact has helped position him as one of the most trusted names in security. He also serving as an adjunct faculty for Carnegie Mellon’s Heinz College and on the 2016 HHS Cybersecurity Task Force.

Session Details

Monday, June 18 11:30 AM - 12:15 PM 104 ABC

s833 - Defending the Body: Medical Devices in the Age of Cyber Warfare

In 2011, a team from software security company McAfee developed code that allowed them to take over an insulin pump, altering its programming and even administering potentially lethal doses from as much as 300 feet away. Since then, we've learned that former Vice President Dick Cheney had the wireless communications shut off on a defibrillator that implanted in him in 2007 during his final years in office. While making great fodder for television, a 2012 episode of the Showtime drama Homeland, in which terrorists hacked a fictional vice president’s pacemaker and killed him, the issue of cybersecurity in medical devices is much more complex than these doomsday scenarios. In the dawning age of cyber warfare, it's worth examining where we're at with defending our most personal homeland. This panel, which features experts from across the MedTech spectrum, will delve into what is fiction, what is reality and what companies are doing to prevent our bodies from serving as the next battlefield. The panel will be hosted by Brian Johnson, Publisher, MassDevice and Founder of DeviceTalks.

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Monday, June 18 10:30 AM - 10:45 AM Cyber Safety Village | Xtropolis

s954 - Bits & Bytes Meet Flesh & Blood: 6 Ways IoT is Different

Safety critical and industrial IoT are where Bits & Bytes meet Flesh & Blood. Our dependance on connected technology has grown faster than our ability to secure it. Through our over-dependence on undependable IT, we have created the conditions such that the actions any single outlier can take have a profound and asymmetric impact on human life, economic, and national security. We'll outline 6 dimensions of how safety critical IoT is different than traditional security concerns.

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Tuesday, June 19 10:15 AM - 10:30 AM Cyber Safety Village | Xtropolis

s953 - 5 Motives of Good Hackers Hack & How to Engage

Hacking is not good or bad- it's like magic. There are bad wizards... and thankfully, good wizards too. Try as we may to secure products, we will miss things. Accidents and adversaries are on the rise. How can we think like a hacker? Leverage them! Understand both the 5 main motivations of good hackers & researchers and the value of Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure Programs.

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Tuesday, June 19 1:15 PM - 2:00 PM 253 AB (Security of Things Forum)

s902 - Bits and Bytes, Flesh and Blood: The Real Cyber Consequences of Unsafe IoT

Information security is no longer just about securing bits and bytes. More and more, it is about protecting flesh and blood. Join PTC Chief Security Officer Josh Corman discusses strategies for evaluating cyber physical risk and cybersecurity for the Internet of Things deployments.

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Monday, June 18 12:30 PM - 1:15 PM 102 AB

s750 - Everything You Need to Know About IoT Safety, Security, and Blockchain: Myths, Tips, and Trends To Consider

Join this expert-led panel and learn everything you can about IoT Safety and Security, and Blockchain in 45-minutes! Concerned about cybersecurity for your IoT project? You should be… This session will cover what you need for your IoT security architecture including practical ways to secure a device and figure out what you will need to use and apply security throughout the application stack. There are different ways and different product options to think about in IoT deployments. This session tries to categorize, prioritize, and generally make sense of what's out there right now when it comes to securing IoT. The aim is to make sure you don't miss important areas of vulnerabilities, think strategically about tradeoffs you'll have to make, and provide the best possible protections.

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