Juan Asenjo

Sr Solutions and Partner Marketing Manager, nCipher Security

Juan has worked in the information security field for over 25 years in government, military, and the private sector. As Senior Manager at nCipher Security, he brings to market innovative cryptographic integrations that use identity management, authentication, and encryption to help customers use security as an enabler for digital transformation. Holding a Ph.D. in Information Science, a Masters’ in Business, and a Bachelors’ in Engineering, Juan helps technology companies reach more customers with integrated solutions that reduce risk and enhance security.

Session Track: IIoT for Products & Service

Wednesday, June 12 9:00 AM - 9:45 AM 106

CP3174B - What If Your Smart Connected Product Gets Hacked? Five Tips for Securing the Industrial Internet of Things and Smart Connected Products

The IoT and smart connected devices are revolutionizing the way we make use of products and services. However, while IoT presents opportunities across every industry, it is also creating new attack surfaces, introduced by the scale and pace of adoption, which can compromise security.
IoT security has 3 key fundamental blocks, which the session will explore in detail:

- Device Trust: Device Identity and Integrity
- Data Trust: Policy-driven data security
- Operationalize Trust

IIoT devices collect and produce sensitive data which needs to be protected. This data is transported from devices to IoT platforms, where it is monitored, analyzed, and processed to enable industrial operations to run efficiently to maximize performance. With growing numbers of IoT deployments, protecting the data at rest, in motion, and in use is becoming a challenge causing uncertainty over the confidentiality and integrity of data, raising concerns over data privacy.

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Session Track: Life Sciences

Tuesday, June 11 2:15 PM - 2:30 PM FUTURE OF DESIGN STAGE

LS717I - Doctor, is My Medical Device Safe? IoT Security in Healthcare and Beyond

What if cybercriminals breach a hospital network or, worse, a medical device you depend on for survival? Could the device administer a lethal dose of medication?

Medical device cybersecurity or security for the Internet of medical things (IoMT) got a publicity boost in recent years due to white hat hackers demonstrating how easy it can be for them to breach connected devices, including insulin pumps, pacemakers and IV pumps.

With ever-increasing numbers of smart medical devices being deployed, one has to wonder:
Can we trust these devices to be legitimate?
Are they being authenticated and authorized?
Will they perform their tasks as prescribed?
Is patient data and privacy always protected?

Deploying smart medical devices with confidence requires that the integrity of devices, the software they run, and the data they collect is maintained across the entire system. It also requires those responsible for delivering the services to always remain in control of the processes at all times.

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