Kevin Carlin

VP of Industrial Automation & Energy, Analog Devices

Kevin Carlin is the Vice President of the Industrial Automation & Energy Group at Analog Devices. Kevin has held a wide variety of rolls in the semiconductor industry over the past 22 years, leading the Industrial Automation, Energy and Industrial IoT Businesses. Kevin spent 15 years in Europe leading various sales organizations, including 12 years in Germany. He is fluent in German and holds a Bachelor and Masters degree in Electronic Engineering & DSP. Kevin is originally from Belfast, N. Ireland and currently resides in Boston.

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Enabling the digital transformation and the importance of establishing a partner network to collectively take on the most complex challenges.

Session Track: IIoT for Products & Service

Wednesday, June 12 9:00 AM - 9:45 AM 209

CP73B - IoT, the Fall and Rise of Manufacturing

Thanks to almost a decade of applied sensors and connectivity, US manufacturing is the “old man” who is about to wake up in a new body. IoT is turning from theory into reality (there are now real business models with very real profits), which means manufacturing could be about to experience the same remarkable run of growth that the technology industry enjoyed after the dot-com boom. By 2030, IoT is projected to explode into a sector that will be roughly the size of the current economy of China, or around $14 trillion. Because data collected from IoT connected field assets or home devices allows you to rediscover your customer, it lets you learn what they really want. In this talk, Amy Konary, VP of Customer Business Innovation at Zuora, Michael Mansard, Principal, Business Transformation & Innovation at Zuora, and Kevin Carlin, VP of Industrial Automation & Energy at Analog Devices, Inc., will show how the only true competitive advantage is your relationship with and knowledge of your customers and how to monetize these services by a subscription business model.

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