M Carlton

VP of Research, Senrio

M. Carlton leads the research team at Senrio, focusing on connected device security. After graduating from MIT, she worked in software security before joining the embedded security team at Draper Laboratory. Her recent work at Senrio has included discovering patterns in IoT vulnerabilities and identifying new ways in which devices are attacked.

Session Details

Tuesday, June 19 3:15 PM - 4:00 PM 253 AB (Security of Things Forum)

s903 - Lateral Attacks Between Connected Devices In Action

While popular media has focused on threats like botnets of compromised cameras, the bigger risk from IoT devices is of lateral attacks between IoT devices - consumer, industrial or both. This requires increased awareness on the part of organizations of all sizes. IoT devices are segmented from business networks and considered untrustworthy. But if they are risky, why do we trust them on a network at all? Using critical vulnerabilities in popular devices, we will demonstrate the threat posed by lateral attacks, illustrating that segmentation alone is an insufficient defense.

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