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Mark Williford

Sr Director of Product Management, PTC

Mark is a member of the ThingWorx platform product management team with responsibilities focusing on the ThingWorx Analytics capabilities. Working with customers, partners and analytics practitioners, Mark is focused on bringing analytics logic and functionality into the ThingWorx platform to enable the rapid development of solutions for key IIoT use cases. In his role as Product Manager, he has helped deliver a variety of analytics capabilities natively into the ThingWorx platform. Additionally, Mark has worked closely with strategic partners to help them define new offerings that integrate their product simulation and computational tools with the ThingWorx platform so that they can expand their reach into new markets.

During his career, Mark has worked with companies in a variety of roles for the development and implementation of enterprise software solutions to advance their digital transformation initiatives. Early in his career, he worked directly with customers across a variety of industries as they implemented PDM and PLM solutions. After joining a small consulting firm, Mark managed the operations of a consulting services team and established a new product development organization as the company expanded from a services business to a software development company. After joining PTC as part of an acquisition, Mark has been part of PTC’s product management and R&D organizations working on a number of different PLM, SLM and IoT solutions. Including his time at PTC, he has over 20 years of experience building and deploying enterprise software solutions to companies around the world.

Session Track: IIoT

Tuesday, June 9 4:00 PM - 4:45 PM LiveWorx OnDemand

IP1265B - Unlocking Value from Data in Industrial IoT Applications with ThingWorx

Data captured from physical products and assets offers a wealth of insights. This new source of information proves to be valuable if it can be made actionable and get delivered to the right people at the right time. However, many companies struggle with the process of extracting value from their data. During this session, the presenter will use real-world customer examples to discuss the analytics process, challenges faced during analytics projects, and success stories to help you get on the path to start solving business problems.

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