Martin Baumers

Assistant Professor of Additive Manufacturing Management, University of Nottingham

Dr Martin Baumers is an Assistant Professor in Additive Manufacturing Management with an interest in the economics of Additive Manufacturing (AM) and 3D Printing. After completing his doctoral research in 2012, Martin joined the Centre for Additive Manufacturing at the University of Nottingham. He has written a number of academic and non-academic papers on the topic, spoken at various events and contributed to AM projects in aerospace, automotive, industrial machinery and the medical and retail sectors. Martin's focus areas are the economics and efficient operation of AM as well as the value that can be derived from adopting the technology and its potential sustainability benefits.

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In my opinion, the most exciting question about 3D Printing technology is how is will integrate into manufacturing operations with regards to quality assurance and work flow control and how the design freedoms afforded by the technology can be maintained in this process.

Session Details

Tuesday, June 19 3:15 PM - 4:00 PM 206 AB

s815 - Evaluating the Cost and Economics of Additive Manufacturing

Currently, the technical capabilities and limitations for additive manufacturing are well established; however, the robust economic models required for the adoption of this technology at a broader scale are still lacking. Current economic models often attempt to fit additive manufacturing into the traditional manufacturing cost equation, which ignores or overlooks many distinct additive manufacturing facets, resulting in well-intentioned but inaccurate estimates. This session brings a practical perspective on the inputs and considerations related to developing additive manufacturing cost models, with a special emphasis on efficient build volume utilization and the expected cost effect of build failure.

* This session is brought to you by ASME (The American Society of Mechanical Engineers)

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