Michael Bloxton

CEO, Bloxton Investment Group, LLC

Session Details

Tuesday, June 19 1:15 PM - 1:30 PM IoT Innovation Theater | Xtropolis

s974 - ThingWorx, Blockchain and Data Science Services for Multi-sided Platform of Personalized Healthcare

There is no tracking, contract, or compensation available to the users who generate their data every minute. That is particularly true in terms of health data. We aim to create a blockchain enabled platform that “normalizes” data across various inputs and applications keeping the user integrated into all the moving parts via micro-contracts. This will allow a user to see who is accessing their data but more importantly bring all the users data together in one place. Our goal is to have a user enter into the future healthcare ecosystem, be incentivized to share their data, be able to see who is accessing their data to profit if possible, bring all that data together for that user into one place, and allow that user to take advantage of applications regardless of a specific piece of hardware.

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