Neil Martin

Senior Routed Systems Engineer, Virtual Interconnect

Neil is Senior Routed Systems Engineer at Virtual Interconnect, with experience in PTC Creo Schematics, PTC Creo Parametric and PTC Creo Cabling for wire harness design, product and process development and implementation support across a variety of product sectors and industries.

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The possibilities of creating dynamic CAD designs which can be utilised throughout the whole product development lifecycle, from concept all the way through manufacturing and service, without the need to move into 3rd party tools.

Session Track: Digital Engineering

Monday, June 10 3:30 PM - 4:15 PM 210C

DEC32B - Leveraging Electrical CAD Data in Design, Manufacturing and Service

Electrical design data in the form of schematics and wire harnesses is forming an increasingly important role in product development. Where it was previously considered an afterthought, more companies are bringing their design concurrent with the rest of the product development and are utilizing the CAD data during design review, product manufacturing and service. During this session the presenters will discuss how electrical design data from Creo Schematics and Creo Cabling can be leveraged in downstream applications during the engineering review and manufacturing processes. This presentation will also discuss the opportunities available to leverage information available in Creo View and Creo Illustrate, and the possibilities of digitally transferring data to manufacturing systems for utilization in the build process for wire harnesses and the products they are contained in. Finally the presentation will demonstrate how data can be leveraged from Creo products during service and maintenance.

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