Nick Finill

Principal Analyst, ABI Research

Nick Finill, Principal Analyst, contributes to ABI Research’s Industrial Solution covering technology trends in manufacturing and production facilities and throughout the wider supply chain. Nick’s research has focused on automated material handling, robotics, AI, digital workforce enablement and IoT in warehouses and factories. Nick provides bespoke guidance to manufacturing and supply chain stakeholders, speaks at industry events, and has been quoted in a variety of industry and business media including the Wall Street Journal, CNN and Computer Weekly.
Prior to joining ABI Research, Nick produced a series of global executive-level technology conferences. Nick studied History at the University of York and the Complutense University of Madrid and now lives in London.

Tell Us Something Interesting:

I'm currently excited about the potential power of plant virtualization and simulation solutions for the factory floor. I will soon be writing a competitive assessment comparing the leading vendors of plant simulation tools in order to provide guidance to manufacturers and technology partners.

Session Track: IIoT for Products & Service

Wednesday, June 12 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM 208

CP67B - The Edge and Cloud Business Case

How can a cloud-based platform help a manufacturer with a mismatched collection of legacy equipment, limited connectivity or networking and minimal IT staff? To do this, the platform provider must have an edge solution or partners that specialize in edge intelligence. This edge or fog solution should not only help solve the initial connectivity and data extraction problem but also provide stream processing and instant analytics for immediate issues as well as consolidate workloads on-premise.
The V’s of Big Data (volume, variety, velocity, etc.) will continue to increase with more sensors, more types of sensors such as vibration, acoustic and video, more connectivity and more connected devices such as smart glasses. To flexibly adapt to individual factory needs and help solutions scale, Smart Manufacturing projects must include edge intelligence capabilities integrated with the cloud.

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