Paul Boris

CEO, AR for Industry

Augmented Reality, the Instrumented Human, and the Internet of Things are in a position to drive the digital transformation for manufacturers, field engineers and any number of use cases where data-driven decisions and real-time support are critical to effective operations and a successful outcome.

(IIoT x IIoP) x AI = Augmented Intelligence = Digital Transformation

Boris’ combination of skills - from industrial operations, solution development and sales, to ecosystem build out - are driving the success of these solutions in the marketplace.

AR for Industry is focused on the pragmatic delivery of tools to front line operators, speeding transformation. Previously as COO of Vuzix, a leading wearable computing provider, he transformed the business to meet the demands of large enterprise in an emerging market. He joined after three years at General Electric in executive leadership roles including CIO of Advanced Manufacturing Strategy, with responsibility for one of GE’s largest technical centers, the Digital Hub Detroit, and Vice President of Manufacturing Industries of GE Digital. He focused on driving GE's innovative factory strategy to increase productivity and deliver the optimization of assets and operations across 400+ facilities. In addition, he defined and enabled GE’s commercial strategy for Brilliant Manufacturing by working with companies to accelerate their own digital transformation.

Prior to General Electric, Paul spent over eight years in a variety of executive roles overseeing manufacturing and operations strategy at SAP. He was the dynamic force behind the Perfect Plant initiatives at SAP as Global Vice President, Enterprise Operations Management. He served as director at the National Association of Manufacturers, the US's largest industrial trade association for five years. Mr. Boris' breadth of manufacturing operations and technology-related experience brings significant value to companies pursuing their own Digital Transformation.

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#AugmentedReality = ( #IIoT x #IIoP ) x #AI = #BigROI

Session Details

Tuesday, June 19 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM 102 AB

s800 - The Current and Future State of AR Eyewear for the Enterprise

We’ve all heard the phrase: ‘knowledge is power.’ In the industrial enterprise, accessing knowledge is critical for service technicians, manufacturing operators, line workers to do their job. Providing this type of knowledge, on-demand, from simple PDF all the way to mixed reality experience is becoming a must-have for industries. Join our panel of eyewear experts as they discuss the current state of wearable technology.

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Tuesday, June 19 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM 104 ABC

s746 - The 9th Waste: How to Reduce Cognitive Overload in Smart, Connected Operations

In traditional Lean, there are 8 wastes. This panel discussion will explore a new waste for the smart manufacturing era, cognitive overload and how leveraging smart connected operations (SCO) in conjunction with Lean practices can significantly improve learning, productivity, quality, availability, safety and cost improvements.

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