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Pawel Pacewicz

Business Development Manager, Transition Technologies PSC

Pawel is a business development manager for Transition Technologies - a company helping industrial customers increase operational efficiency, decrease costs and streamline processes since 1991. Pawel gained strong technical knowledge through studying Computer Science at Bialystok University of Technology and working as a software developer, team leader and technical leader on numerous projects for customers mostly from Europe and Japan. An enthusiast of new technologies, Pawel looks for ways to apply these to real-world problems of both continuous and discrete industries. Pawel is also a seasoned speaker with experience delivering public presentations at venues including LiveWorx.

Session Track: Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Tuesday, June 9 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM LiveWorx Virtual Library

PL1794CA - PTC Technology in the Public Cloud: Why and How?

Every company is either already in the cloud or is planning to migrate to the public cloud soon. This is even more so in these times of global lockdowns.
Is it just a trend or you can actually bring the value to your business? During this session, you will learn how Public Clouds, FaaS and DevOps automation will accelerate your digital transformation and why managing your infrastructure budget won’t be an issue anymore. Be flexible! Make your business scalable and save time & money. We dive into the topic based on our success with a large automotive company and the things we learned during the journey together.

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