Perry Engle

Lead Cybersecurity Engineer, MITRE

Session Track: Automotive & Mobility

Monday, June 10 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM 255

CY301 - Cybersecurity and Resiliency in Transportation for IoT

Internet connectivity is expanding more and more into in our daily lives, moving out of traditional devices (computers and phones) into other devices as the “Internet of Things” or IoT. Part of this expansion includes automobiles and other forms of transportation.

Increased connectivity is being added directly into our vehicles, and coupled with GPS, cameras, other sensing technology, and powerful computers leads us toward having (fully) self-driving cars, and perhaps even personal aircraft. In the meantime, this evolution in internet connected technology can affect our lives in many different and unpredictable ways, potentially not all of them positive.

This talk will discuss how this increased connectivity affects cybersecurity and resilience in transportation, with real-life and potential examples of cyber threats, vulnerabilities, and compromise to vehicles, and include possible cybersecurity and cyber resiliency technical, non-technical or policy-based solutions.

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