Riyaaz Dawood

Project Manager, De Beers Canada Inc

Session Track: IIoT for Products & Service

Wednesday, June 12 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM 205BC

CP85CU - Distributed Power Plant of the Future

The convergence of technologies of real-time data, artificial intelligence, IoT (Internet of Things), sensing and AR/VR (Augmented and Virtual Reality) is transforming the distributed energy market. While technology is evolving, it is also transforming relationships through the value stream.

Caterpillar, Finning and DeBeers Mining will provide a view of the technology and business culture transformation that is reducing total cost of ownership, moving towards elimination of unplanned downtime, reducing operational risks and ensuring timely, accurate compliance. They will demo the live transformation of this in one of the DeBeers mine sites power plants in upper northwest Canada and talk about how technology is providing an opportunity for deeper, more integrated partnerships between OEM's, distributor and customers.

Included in this session will be a next-generation vision demonstration of a large power plant's operation and maintenance through ThingWorx, Vuforia and OSISoft Pi.

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