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Ronan Kelly

Innovative Technology Solutions Senior Manager, Pfizer

Ronan Kelly Is an experienced engineer, entrepreneur, and innovator who’s passionate about emerging technologies that solve problems within the manufacturing environment. Ronan has over 13 years of experience working in manufacturing across several industries including water, pharmaceutical, oil and gas and more recently biotechnology all within a digital innovative and technology role.

He currently leads the Pfizer PGS Digital Manufacturing Innovative Technology team working on implementing disruptive technology (AR, VR, Smart Sensors, BIM and more) into a regulated manufacturing environment finding value and then scaling the solutions.

Session Track: Augmented Reality

Tuesday, June 9 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM OnDemand

AR1716CU - The Effective Implementation of SOPs Using Augmented Expert Guidance

Pharmaceutical manufacturing is rapidly increasing in complexity. This comes with more complex procedures, the need for effective training and more demand for knowledge retention from front-line workers. Lengthy standard operating procedures (SOPs) and "read-and-understands" are a core part of training, but can seem redundant and difficult to follow to the new digitally-inclined workforce. Introducing new technology is required to keep our workforce engaged, motivated and productive but this can be challenging in a highly regulated, quality-driven environment.

Capturing the tacit knowledge of skilled workers is a hugely valuable resource that Pfizer has been tapping into with augmented expert guidance. Learn about how Pfizer Digital Manufacturing has been equipping the workforce with the tools to create improved procedure documentation, effectively transferring tacit knowledge, and empowering workers with knowledge at their fingertips.

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