Russell Anas

Boston University MBA Consulting Team, Boston University

About Russell

Name: Russell Anas
Title: Boston University MBA Consulting Team
Company: Boston University

Russell Anas is an experienced business analyst. He has led various interdepartmental teams through the product lifecycle from lab to market. Previously, he worked in the technology industry and implemented SaaS, open source platforms, enterprise software and mobile applications. Russell received his MBA from Boston University and is currently exploring product management in the gaming industry.

Session Details

Thursday, May 25 10:30 am – 11:15 am

How Can PTC Provide an Ecosystem that Matches Partners Effectively and Creates More Value for all Parties Involved?

In order for PTC to capture value from core interactions among the key stakeholders, the BU MBA consulting team developed platform design guidelines for ThingWorx, focused on incorporating network effects and monetization.

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