A Business-IT professional with deep Aftermarket Supply Chain domain understanding and thorough technology skills. 20 years of experience in leading, ideating and successfully executing large IT initiatives in evolving environments. Shishir leads Service Parts Optimization practice and is part of the group managing Service Journey including smart connected aftermarket solutions. Prior to PTC, Shishir has been leading IT initiatives of few of the large Fortune 500 companies. Having seen the evolution of aftermarket industry from merely a cost center into a critical competitive differentiator, Shishir believes that the IOT solution maturity, customers’ demand for immediate service and overall market conditions are driving OEMs towards Connected Solutions.

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The Servitization phenomenon is raising the bar for aftermarket services. With modern connected supply chain solutions, manufacturers can scale up their service levels without investing in larger warehouses

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Wednesday, June 20 12:30 PM - 1:15 PM 210 C

s620 - Connected Logistics & Shrinking Service Parts Warehouses

An increasing number of new machine models, frequent model changes, longer life of equipment, variety in global models, variations to cater various market segments is all adding up to the increasing total number of unique parts that need to be managed in a typical manufacturers‘ service parts warehouse. There are still real-time information gaps and uncertainty which make it impossible to be accurate in forecasting demand or achieve just-in-time logistics for supply. With yesteryear’s technologies, there are limitations on how much optimization can be achieved. Everything combined – you end up getting a humongous warehouse.

Concepts and ideas discussed in this session will be applicable to anyone interested in learning and applying advanced technologies to solving supply chain information gaps.

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