Shlomi Ben-Baruch

New Products Launch Director, KLA

Shlomi serves as Director of the New Products Launch team at KLA Operations, he has wide experience in launching multidisciplinary products from concept to volume manufacturing in the unique environment of the Semiconductor Equipment Industry.
The scaling in the semiconductor industry continues to drive challenges and opportunities for the equipment manufacturing companies and requires introduction of cutting edge technologies with innovation on the enterprise level.

Over many years of working closely with multi-national customers, Shlomi has been inspired to connect the new technologies with the diverse customer and organization needs. With more than 20 years of experience in Operations and Service positions in this industry, Shlomi believes that cognitive learning will continue to evolve and will change the way people and industries are obtaining knowledge and skills.

Session Track: Augmented Reality

Times for this session to be announced soon

AR1668CA - Making Expert Knowledge Accessible with AR in Semiconductor Manufacturing

KLA Corporation designs, manufactures and markets process control and yield management solutions for the semiconductor and related nanoelectronics industries worldwide. Our global operations manufacture & support a wide portfolio of products in world-class facilities around the globe. As the semiconductor industry continues to evolve, our Global Operations team is faced with new challenges and opportunities: an increase in product & process complexity, tighter spec margins, shorter time to market are some examples. Those changes continue to inspire the team to explore the potential of Industry 4.0 technologies at KLA Operations.

The plan of action calls for new and innovative methods to capture experts’ learning and distribute best-known methods (BKMs) in the company, followed by new processes to make the data & information accessible and to enable smart and connected employees. Leading the introduction of Augmented Reality technology and supporting features, we are now able to increase cognitive learning in KLA, utilize existing and new tooling, capture and share experts BKMs in a timely manner and more. The expected outcome is to continue to increase productivity while meeting time-to-market, cost, and quality targets.

Part of our Global Operations mission is to enable customer success by delivering cutting-edge products and spares on time. Our customer satisfaction is based on our ability to deliver and service tools when committed and at the levels of quality and performance that the KLA brand promise.

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