Ted Craft

CAD Specialist, Robert Bosch Tool Corporation

48 years of helping groups of people make things.
Work History:
Spent the 70’s supporting CAM and postprocessor programing for machine shops and GE.
Spent the 80’s supporting CAD/CAM systems for GE and ComputerVision.
Spent the first half of the 90’s selling CAD systems.
Last half of 90’s to present supporting CAD/CAM/CAE systems for Robert Bosch Power Tools.
Side projects:
Wright Flyer for Museum of Science and Industry.
55+ homes for Habitat for Humanity
Hobbies: Restoring machine shop equipment and woodworking.

Tell Us Something Interesting:

Using AR and VR to replace CAD screen sharing for Design Reviews.

Session Track: Digital Engineering

Tuesday, June 11 4:00 PM - 4:45 PM 109AB

DEP42CA - Where In The World Is My Motor? PLM for Global Assemblies

Assemblies for power tools can have motors from Germany, switches from Holland, housings from Mexico, can be assembled in Malaysia, and packaged in Arkansas. PDMLink's "Team", "Role", and "Product" features are the only safe way to provide the access, changeability, protection, and reuse needed to produce cost, time, and resource effective assemblies. The recent addition of non-Creo geometry to assemblies makes PLM control even more necessary for reliable data models. This presentation will demonstrate how Bosch Power Tools takes current data and blends that reuse data in new, innovative tool assemblies across countries, languages, and standards. Using the configuration drivers: power source, mechanism, holding method, and attachment method, we first identify what we are looking for.

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