Timothy Baines

Professor, The Advanced Services Group

Tim is a leading international authority on Advanced Services and spends much of his time working hands-on with both global and local manufacturing companies to understand its application in practice and help to transform businesses. He spent ten years working in manufacturing businesses, beginning his career as an apprentice. His background gives him a personal understanding of the challenges faced by the industry and of the need for practical, relevant guidance on implementing change strategies.
His book “Made to Serve: How manufacturers can compete through servitization and product service systems” is essential reading for any companies or executives looking to explore this option for their business and provides a practical guide to adding Advanced Services, based on in-depth research with leading corporations such as Xerox, Caterpillar, Alstom and MAN Truck & Bus UK. Tim leads a 25-person strong centre of excellence at Aston Business School, the Advanced Services Group, whose sole focus is expertise in this field.

Session Details

Tuesday, June 19 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM 210 C

s806 - Strategic Pathways to Advanced Services: Exploring The Barriers and Accelerators of Service Transformation

The strategic value of services is evolving. Many manufacturers have a long history of supplying ‘intermediate’ services, such as spare parts, maintenance, repair and overhaul, and benefiting from the relatively sustainable revenues streams these can offer. But can these be relied upon in the future? The world is increasingly moving towards an outcome-based economy. Rather than ‘buying an engine’ customers want to buy ‘thrust’, rather than ‘buying a car’ they want ‘mobility’, rather than ‘buying insurance’ they want ‘reassurance’. This demand paves the way for new and innovative ‘advanced services’ business models, which exploit digital technologies and the design authority of the manufacturer, and have the potential to radically disrupt value chains. Exciting. But how can a manufacturer transform themselves to compete through advanced services? What steps might they take? What dynamics should they expect? And what obstacles and accelerators should they anticipate?

This workshop will share insights distilled from international leaders in the adoption of advanced services and will do so using innovative learning methods that help to elicit shared experiences from the participants.

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