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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

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About the Event

LiveWorx, in partnership with PTC/USER welcomes you to attend PTC Product Day to gain access to 30 bonus breakout sessions focused on specialized Creo, ThingWorx, Vuforia, and Windchill topics. You will learn from experienced super users and gain tips and tricks, peer-to-peer guidance, best practices, and insight into how other large enterprise organizations are taking advantage of these solutions.

PTC Product Day is free with your virtual LiveWorx 2020 registration.

The sessions below are a sampling of content for the 2020 agenda. View the full list of PTC Product Day sessions here. View the full LiveWorx 2020 session catalog here.

2020 Agenda

June 9th: On-Demand

Digital Twin at Fresenius: Changing the Way of Product Development

Michael Blitzer, Fresenius Medical Care, Larry Dube, Fresenius Medical Care, and Jeff Norton, Fresenius Medical Care

Fresenius Medical Care (FMC) is operating in the area of life science. This industry is highly regulated. In order to ensure high quality and regulatory compliance, product and process innovations typically can be seen more as evolutions than revolutions. At the same time, the industry is facing new competitors addressing the market. Moreover, new technologies are available which also increases the pressure on the industry to keep pace with innovations. One focus area to enable this innovation pace is the Engineering department. For this, FMC is constantly evolving the business capabilities toward Digital Engineering.

A strategic building-block on this journey is the Digital Twin. The right set of Product and Process Data is required as the foundation of a Digital Twin. In addition, new technologies like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality make the Digital Twin become "alive". This session will present the actual achievements and challenges along this journey.

June 9th: On-Demand

Creo Parametric Implementation and Administration for 2020 and Beyond

Dave Martin, MCAE Consulting

A properly executed Creo Parametric implementation contributes to successful product development, a happy user base, and synchronicity between design and manufacturing. Unsuccessful implementations lead to delivery delays, bad processes, and potentially switching CAD packages.

This session covers the necessary elements for successfully implementing and administering Creo Parametric for small, medium, and large teams, and how to scale between them. Topics include CAD infrastructure, standards and processes, upgrades, end user training, technical support, libraries, metrics, and user groups.

Dave Martin will share lessons learned from 13 years in training, consulting, and implementation as well as 7 years in CAD administration for Amazon Lab126, Amazon Prime Air, and Blue Origin.

June 9th: On-Demand

Scale Your AR Developments with Templates

Kornelius Heer, PTC

This session will give a practical demonstration of how to design dynamic AR experiences. The session will take a detailed look at the three elements of an AR experience: context, content, and template. We will discuss how to orchestrate these three individual pieces to build scalable AR Experiences for the enterprise.

Through this session, you will discover how to leverage Vuforia Studio in combination with Creo Illustrate and ThingWorx to build dynamic AR experiences that can be reused, scaled, and implemented into industrial processes.

June 9th: On-Demand

Leveraging the Digital Thread Based on ThingWorx & Thingworx PLM Connectors

Peter Pfalzgraf, PROSTEP AG and Mirko Theiß, PROSTEP AG

Companies across different industries are forced to work with heterogeneous engineering infrastructures. Especially as PLM information is typically distributed across multiple management systems. Determining the actual and consistent view on the product status is both time-consuming and circuitous.

Accessing all needed PLM information at any stage of your product development process is essential for the creation of digital twins. ThingWorx is a great framework to link and to manage engineering information.

This presentation outlines how PROSTEP PLM ThingWorx Connectors easily access and link PLM information in a role-based ThingWorx engineering cockpit. As a result, the customer is able to analyze the federated information in an efficient way. This opens a new potential for virtualization, end-to-end data integration, and mining in order to improve the digital thread efficiency. The presentation is based on a customer project experience.

June 9th: On-Demand

Informed Product Design Decisions through ThingWorx Data Mashups

Tom Emery, Raytheon and Danny Poisson, Raytheon

Almost all Windchill customers live in a heterogeneous environment where business answers are formed at the intersection of complex data from different platforms. The traditional means of pulling this data together into consolidated views for providing single-point access to complete answers is extremely challenging. Hear how Raytheon is using ThingWorx to simplify this challenge.

June 9th: On-Demand

BOM Transformation: Managing Multidimensional & Multidisciplinary BOM

Hardik Shah, PTC

As product complexity surges and innovation is happening at a rapid pace, the time to launch a new product is getting shorter and shorter. To scale with the market and remain competitive, organizations must evolve and store all product information in product BOMs which is used and adapted throughout the product's lifecycle. Many enterprises rely on just an engineering view, thus forcing others to manually copy and restructure BOMs to suit their own needs. This leads to outdated data and laborious processes to keep upstream and downstream changes aligned.

Global companies create plant BOMs for various plants that maintain plant level info and product localization, in which manufacturing engineers create alternative plans to build the product by restructuring the original engineering BOM. Creating and managing relationships between upstream and downstream BOM's is called BOM Transformation

Attend this session and see demonstrations on how to manage multiple BOMs through BOM Transformation, manage enterprise information on downstream BOMs, and get the right information based on user roles and responsibility.

June 9th: On-Demand

Enable the Digital Thread Using PTC SIM and Arbortext

Lingashetty Menasagi, HCL

This session will provide a simple user interface to capture Standard Work data/instruction along with related graphics. The modern HTML capabilities should be used to create a guided authoring tool for the user. This should simplify the data capturing process for SWI. The application will allow users to create new SWI, search and edit an existing SWI, make a copy and create new SWI, in order to allow content re-use. The application should allow the review process along with the capability of review comments.

In this presentation, HCL will illustrate the high-level architecture of web-enabled work instruction editing tools and customer benefits as well as best practices in the areas of Windchill SIM and Arbortext.

June 9th: On-Demand

Re-engineering Wire Harness Design for Integrated Product Development

Neil Martin, Virtual Interconnect Ltd

Harnessing has traditionally been overlooked during product development, falling between the electrical and mechanical engineering disciplines. Its importance should not be underestimated, as the harness touches every system of a product. With the ever-increasing move towards electrification, this will only become more complex.

In this session the presenters will show how they've re-engineered harness design, bringing it to the front end of product development, whilst integrating Design Rule Checking to validate it can be built long before it reaches manufacturing. This will be shown through the definition of the electrical design in Creo Schematics, the 3D modeling of the harness in Creo Cabling, and the subsequent generation of a manufacturing drawing using the Harness Manufacturing Extension.

Finally, the integration of the electrical and harness design information into Windchill will be shown, as well as how it can be leveraged in MPMLink for manufacturing process planning.

June 9th: On-Demand

How Flexible Modeling Saved Honeywell $329,000 in Translation Expenses

Scott Givens, Honeywell International

Honeywell has several instances of legacy I-DEAS data managers. This represents a risk, as limited resident SMEs represent single-point failures in data access. A project was kicked off to identify a supplier who could help migrate and translate the legacy I-DEAS data into Creo. Initially, only feature-based translation options were considered, at $9/model. BREP translation was then considered over feature-based translation. Utilizing Flexible Modeling to handle future model changes, considerable cost savings was realized ($3/model). This equated to maximum savings on the project of $328,744. Flexible Modeling offers the ability to move, resize, remove, mirror and pattern BREP geometry, and can also add native Creo features. This allows for production revisions to legacy, BREP translated I-DEAS data without incurring the large expense of a feature-based translation solution.

June 9th: On-Demand

PTC’s Tips & Tricks for Creo 7.0

Paul Sagar, PTC

PTC product managers and software experts lead this popular annual session as they showcase the very latest and most useful tips and tricks for Creo 7.0. Make your job easier - and more fun - with this session.

Agenda is subject to change.


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