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As a system integrator, you analyze and design facilities (buildings, rooms, equipment, infrastructures, etc.); systems for material handling, manufacturing and production, information management and individual/group workplaces, making sure everything works together as a unit and is secure. In today’s connected world, you’re faced with mountains of data from which to make informed decisions, and you need to manage almost overwhelming complexity. LiveWorx will help you sort through the clutter to focus on those technologies designed to help you solve complex business problems and talk with others facing those same challenges.

Topics Covered

  • AR & Connectivity with ​IoT, Business Systems and/or the Internet
  • Asset Optimization & Analytics in the Factory
  • Cloud
  • Data Management & Digital Twin
  • Factory Performance Benchmarking, Productivity & Optimization
  • Global Program Management & Supplier Collaboration​
  • Industrial Analytics
  • Industry 4.0/Smart Manufacturing
  • IoT Strategies and Business Models
  • Next-Gen IIoT Infrastructure
  • Program Management Best Practices
  • Security
  • Smart Factory
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