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The New Frontier of Product Development 

Episode Two | On-Demand

New technology is reshaping product design as we know it today.

In this episode, we’ll discover how the connected, digital thread enables engineers to stay focused on their designs while creating their best work, faster. And how those from the manufacturing floor to the executive suite are accumulating the benefits of digital transformation- efficiency, cost savings, and innovation- in record time. We’ll look at the roles that simulation-driven design, generative design, additive manufacturing, smart connected products, and SaaS-based CAD and PLM each play in weaving together the digital thread.

Olabisi Boyle, Vice President of Product Planning & Mobility Strategy at Hyundai Motor North America, will discuss how Hyundai is transforming itself from being an automaker into a smart mobility solution provider. She’ll showcase how their investment in the latest technology is transforming their approach to product development and advancing how people interact with Hyundai’s mobility solutions.

Hear from PTC executives about the need for organizations to transform to a more agile product development process, and how a digital thread strategy connects the product development process to the people, products, and places where work gets done. They’ll also discuss how generative design and artificial intelligence are disrupting the product development process we know today. Featuring Jon Hirschtick, EVP & General Manager of Onshape and Atlas, Kevin Wrenn, EVP of Products, and Linda Lokay, Product Management VP of Advanced Development.

Plus, Kelly Bryant, Deputy Section Manager, Mechanical Design/Drafting & Manufacturing at Jacobs Engineering will explore what Jacobs Engineering has been able to do using generative design to optimize the portable life support system in NASA spacesuits. By challenging conventional wisdom with breakthrough technology- product design has been taken to new heights.

Welcome to the new reality of engineering. Be inspired by cutting-edge technologies like generative, simulation-driven, and SaaS-based design and change the way you think about and engineer your products. If you are looking to stay on top of the product development wave... this is the episode for you.


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Topics Covered

  • Additive Manufacturing
  • CAD
  • Continuity
  • Democratization of CAD
  • Design Collaboration
  • Digital Thread
  • Digital Transformation
  • Evolution of Product Design
  • Generative Design
  • Product Design & Engineering
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • SaaS Based Design
  • Simulation Driven Design
  • Smart Connected Product Design & Engineering
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