IIoT for the Factory 

Best in Class Smart Manufacturing with Tech Solutions for Industry 4.0 and Operational Excellence

Manufacturing teams, no matter where in the world, have one consistent goal — continuous improvement — more output, better quality, lower costs, increase flexibility and agility, etc. Around the world we hear about the wave of transformation, now in manufacturing, as a result of IIoT, often referred to as Industry 4.0. Manufacturers today require the availability of data from connected “things” to enable automated decision-making and seamless integration of operations that extends directly to end customers. Many face challenges such as lack of visibility into operations, rigid manufacturing systems, disconnected assets and silos of information, etc. This prevents individuals from getting the right information to support rapid decision-making that keeps pace with business demands. Attend LiveWorx to learn from your peers and industry leaders on how to bring the IIoT to the factory floor and excel in today’s globally competitive manufacturing environment.

Topics Covered

  • Asset Optimization & Analytics in the Factory
  • Augmented Reality
  • Best Practices in the Digital Factory
  • Energy & Resources Management
  • Enterprise Scale/Multi-Factory Deployments
  • Factory Performance Benchmarking, Productivity, and Optimization
  • Industry 4.0/Smart Manufacturing
  • OT/IT Convergence & Industrial Connectivity
  • Real-Time Quality in the Factory
  • Real-Time Supply Visibility
  • Scalable Production Management & MES
  • Security in the Factory & OT Networks
  • The Edge & Hybrid Deployments
  • Value Drivers & Financial Impacts
  • Workforce Productivity - Address The Human Element of Industry 4.0
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