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A High Impact Series on Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Comes To Life

LiveWorx 2021: The Limited Series is a digital program for leaders in industrial companies to learn how digital transformation can create enterprise value, empower greater worker productivity and make the world a better place. Experience the impact of advanced technologies like Augmented Reality, IIoT, SaaS, Generative Design and much more.

Watch the 2020 Recap Video to get an idea of what LiveWorx is all about.

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What Makes LiveWorx Unique?

Disruptive Tech Aired Live

LiveWorx is a digital experience like no other. The way we live, learn, and work has completely changed and LiveWorx has been designed to bring you fresh and relevant insight for the remarkable time we’re in. Attend live, high-impact broadcast episodes at key moments throughout the year or binge episodes on-demand at your convenience.

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What You'll Find

26000+ Technologists

120+ Global Press

18+ Expert Thought Leaders

Why LiveWorx?

Breadth & Depth of Tech Topics

With each episode focused on a different digital transformation topic, you're sure to find content applicable to your job role. Get insight on the most essential technologies for industrial innovation delivered by game-changing industry thought leaders and specifically curated to help you succeed today and tomorrow... all from the comfort and convenience of your desktop!

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