Staying on top of technology trends related to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is an ongoing challenge, given the industry’s rapid-fire changes and how those changes affect business processes. Today’s hot IIoT topics include security and privacy, advanced analytics, machine learning, IT infrastructure and cloud computing, among others. Industries across the board stand to benefit greatly from creating new product offerings to streamlining their operations through smart, connected solutions. To capture this great wave of opportunity, those in the industrial ecosystem have an urgent need to rethink nearly everything — from how products are created, manufactured, sold, operated, and serviced. Using a unified IoT platform designed to make development fast & easy will accelerate these efforts. At PTC LiveWorx, you’ll learn about the tools, processes, and tactics to implement emerging IoT-related technologies, and create a playbook on how to improve productivity and efficiencies at your organization.

Topics Covered

  • Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Asset Optimization & Analytics in the Factory
  • Connected Processes, Systems & Workforce
  • Device Management
  • Digital Thread
  • Digital Twin
  • Edge & Connectivity
  • Factory Performance Benchmarking, Productivity & Optimization
  • Field Service Management
  • IIoT Use Cases & Solutions
  • Industrial Analytics
  • Industrial Connectivity
  • Industrial IoT Platform
  • Industry 4.0/ Smart Manufacturing
  • Smart Connected Products
  • Smart Infrastructure