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In every field, businesses are responding to digital opportunities and disruptions. In some cases, it is mature industries forging new business models to meet an evolving market. In other cases, new entrants are using digital platforms to create novel products and services. In both cases, one of the critical enablers is the ability to capture what is happening in the real world – phenomena like sound, light, or vibration – and translate it into digital insight that can be shared, analyzed, or otherwise made valuable.

Why it Matters

Digitally created insight can have a lot riding on it. Without technologies that dependably generate it, and the knowledge to effectively implement that technology, new tech breakthroughs will fail to reach their full potential.

At the Heart of Industry 4.0…

  • Machine health monitoring requires precise analysis of equipment performance to maximize performance and efficiency, earning ROI on major investments.
  • Edge-to-cloud connectivity enables scalable learning and interpretation of factory performance.
  • Bringing software-configurable platforms to market depends on hardware with flexible capabilities that can sense, measure, and connect across a variety of industrial applications.
  • Network security can’t be sacrificed for connectivity, making built-in security imperative for hardware at the edge.

… And the Foundation of the Future of Automotive.

  • Passenger safety will depend on precise sensor technologies that ensure increasingly autonomous vehicles accurately perceive the world around them.
  • Intelligent sensing technologies will also be key to monitoring and ensuring driver health and safety within the cabin.

Useful Data You Can Trust

Better information is the lifeblood of major advances in any sector. But a tsunami of the wrong information can swamp your systems. It’s not just about extracting data. It’s about knowing what data to extract. You have to have expertise in sensing the world around you as well as deep knowledge in specific domains. Analog Devices has decades of experience enabling disruptions across industries. This expertise ensures you’re capturing the kind of real-time, actionable insights – informed by smart analytics – that fuel ROI for predictive systems, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

At LiveWorx 2019, Analog Devices will be in booth #902 showcasing the technologies at the heart of digital transformation in these areas and more.

On June 12, be sure to join ADI experts as they discuss topics including the fall and rise of manufacturing, Industry 4.0, and a ubiquitously sensed future.

Visit for the full schedule of ADI talks and a preview of how Analog Devices can help you exploit the digital transformation of your industry.

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