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Enabling the digital thread and the digital twin for your organization is crucial to staying agile in today’s shifting business environment. So, what, exactly, are the digital thread and the digital twin- and how does Dub Dub the Disruptor Duck fit in?

As a holistic framework, the digital thread connects across a product’s end-to-end life cycle, from the initial design to the final product-collecting live feedback along the way. Its insights and actions help companies speed up product time-to-market, reduce overall service spends, and stay flexible in meeting customers’ increasingly ever-changing demands for more personalized experiences.

The digital twin- enabled by the digital thread- is an electronic duplicate, or rather, a twin profile that keeps an evolving record of every part of the manufacturing process to help optimize business performance.

So, how can the digital twin help companies elevate their services?

As products are used by customers, the digital twin simulates this usage and calculates the maintenance- when critical components of a product may need to be replaced. Replacing a component before it breaks can significantly reduce the downtime of high-performing products and increases customer product value. Fully utilizing digital twin technology across a digital enterprise can help manufacturers optimize and streamline predictive maintenance planning to stay ahead of the curve.

What happens when the powerful forces of the digital thread and digital twin combine? You can streamline, design, adapt, and better maintain products at any stage of the journey using real-time intelligence, supply chain transparency, adaptable business models, and you connect customers back to product design.

Virtual Factory by Deloitte app v3

Deloitte recently released part three of their Virtual Factory app, where Dub Dub, a virtual rubber duckie, uses the digital thread to determine which faulty components she needs to replace and service, and what new upgrades she can install to swim faster in the most challenging water conditions. Dub Dub comes alive in a smart studio, exploring how three previously disconnected phases of a product’s development- design, manufacturing, and life- become more connected through the digital thread.

Explore the capabilities of PLM, MES, and the digital thread through the Virtual Factory by Deloitte app and issue two of the AR-enabled comic book "Double Trouble: Dub Dub Meets Her Digital Twin" to interact with Dub Dub and her Digital Twin, Ola, a 3D smart factory featuring real-world use cases that demonstrate how technologies like the digital twin, IoT, in a 3D smart factory featuring real-world use cases that demonstrate how technologies like the digital twin, IoT, and 3D printing are helping digital supply networks and smart factories transform via the power of the digital thread.

Learn more about Deloitte and how they are enabling Digital Twins during Episode One of LiveWorx 2021: The Limited Series to learn “How Work Methods are Changing the Workplace” and for more, visit Deloitte’s PTC alliance page.

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