Liveworx | From the LiveWorx 19 Archive: Top AI & Robotics Sessions

LiveWorx 19 featured content on the cutting edge of new technology. Attendees learned about the market forces driving change and the business strategies organizations need to adopt to sustain or regain competitiveness as digital automation revolutionizes all industry sectors of manufacturing. Below are links to PDFs for some of the top sessions from the AI & Robotics Track. Click here to access the full LiveWorx 19 Content Archive, featuring over 200 session pdfs and videos in 18 different tracks and specialized content areas. 

How AI Can Bring Humanity to New Heights – If We Do It Right

Max Tegmark, Author of Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence, and Professor of Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Artificial intelligence (AI) is entering a golden age of new opportunities for businesses and individuals, and many AI researchers expect AI to outsmart humans at most tasks and jobs within decades, enabling a future where we're restricted only by the laws of physics, not the limits of our intelligence. Professor Tegmark will separate the real opportunities and threats from the myths, describing what we can do today to ensure that we all flourish rather than flounder with AI.

How Robotics Brings Digital Twins to Life

Dr. Ozge Whiting, Director of Data & Analytics – CV/AI, Avitas Systems, Inc.

Digital twins and data analytics work best when fed with comprehensive, live operational data. That’s a challenge in large facilities like refineries, chemical plants, and pipeline systems, where much of the infrastructure is dispersed outdoors and difficult to monitor with stationary sensors. This session will discuss how robots can act as mobile sensor platforms to provide critical data that analytic systems need to help managers optimize assets and quickly pinpoint problems before they become critical. The panelists will also explore current and future trends in data analytics, digital twin, and field service management. Other topics will include video and image analytics, change detection management, risk-based analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and inspection service transformation.

The Collective Workflow: The Benefits of Human and Robot Integration

Matthew Cherewka, Business Development & Solutions Designs, Vecna Robotics

Autonomous solutions seem like a radical concept, but they will give you and your employees significant short and long-term advantages. These systems learn as they work - getting smarter over time to continuously improve. This constant cycle of learning allows companies to remain relevant as markets change, stay flexible as consumer expectations increase, and achieve financial benefits today and tomorrow. This new technology also frees employees from uninspiring, repetitive work that is both physically and mentally dangerous, while producing new more empowering roles that will lead to a better quality of life.

These are just some of the sessions from the AI & Robotics Track. Be sure to visit the LiveWorx 19 Archive to see all of them.

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