Liveworx | From the LiveWorx 19 Archive: Top Industry 4.0 Sessions

LiveWorx 19 was full of educational sessions on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, with sessions on focused how technology enables continuous improvement — more output, better quality, lower costs, increased flexibility and agility, and more. Below are links to PDFs for some of the top sessions from the Industry 4.0 Track. Click here to access the full LiveWorx 19 Content Archive, featuring over 200 session pdfs and videos in 18 different tracks and specialized content areas.

Managing your Smart Factory

Probodh Chiplunkar, Global Head - Digital Transformation and ePLM, Birlasoft

In today's global and distributed manufacturing environment, everyone from the COO to plant managers to production supervisors to maintenance managers have their own KPIs to manage. Given the pace of business, it is imperative that these KPIs are monitored in real time. A Smart Factory enables a real-time, touchless, integrated and contextualized view of enterprise data from systems such as ERP, MES, PLM, BMS, CRM through an IoT platform. This enables users to improve productivity, utilization, and quality. Join us to see how PTC and Rockwell are making Smart Factories a reality.

Leveraging Lean & Engaged Employees to Power Your Digital Transformation

Patricia Panchak, Former Editor-in-Chief, Industry Week

For too many business leaders, disruptive digital technologies, with their promise of instant competitive advantage, obviate the need for the more deliberative approach of lean thinking. But technology does not trump lean—the two complementary forces each made are more powerful with the other. Learn how companies are leveraging strong, successful lean cultures to power digital transformation.

How Industrial IoT and Machine Learning are Helping Solve Real Problems

Kari Terho, General Manager, Elisa Smart Factory, Elisa

Today, factory managers follow a very simple modus operandi- if something brakes, they fix it! Management often has a good idea about what is the order intake, current stock, production target, and raw material requirement. They are well versed about what is supposed to happen, but rarely have any idea about what is happening in real-time. MES, dashboards, and other BI systems that are in use, only help to produce reports about the incidents that already occurred or to plan the process. In this presentation, Kari Terho will focus on how Elisa Smart Factory helps manufacturers make better, data-driven decisions by bringing real-time visibility to all stages of operations and by applying machine learning and AI on top of that data. With help of real customer cases he will show how businesses have turned the promise of IIoT and data science into real, economic value.

Identity, Authentication and Security for Automation Systems

Michael Murray, SVP & GM Cyberphysical Systems, BlackRidge Technology

Many factories, process and building automation firms remain reluctant to connect their enterprises due to concerns surrounding privacy, data integrity and cyber security risk. Furthermore, the downtime, complexity and costs associated with evolving their currently installed legacy Programmable Logic Controllers, SCADA and ICS network devices is also prohibitive. At this session attendees will learn about strategies and solutions to enable the digital enterprise in a safe, secure and adaptive approach for legacy and future architectures.

Fantasy Baseball Drives Operational Excellence

Greg Herzing, Quality Analyst / Statistician, Carlisle Construction Materials

Software companies leverage social engineering and human nature to attract and retain users on their platforms. This approach is often referred to as gamification. In this presentation, Carlisle Construction Materials will provide insight on a method to drive continual improvement via gamification using the ThingWorx platform. The method transforms key performance indices, KPIs, into players that factories and managers can select into a fantasy baseball team. Each team plays a simulated game where scores are determined by manufacturing performance via the KPIs. ThingWorx is utilized to aggregate data from a SQL server and using logic built into the mash-up simulate a baseball game. The game is televised across factories in the cafeteria allowing for real time visualization of “game-time” performance. The nature of the game drives competitiveness and since each team has KPIs included from other factories drives collaboration as well as competition.

These are just some of the sessions from the Industry 4.0 Track. Be sure to visit the LiveWorx 19 Archive to see all of them.

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