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Augmented Reality (AR), along with other digital transformation technology, has proven to be an increasingly important solution that enables knowledge exchange, a unique new way of training and the option to remotely service products. LiveWorx '20 featured many sessions on AR for the industrial enterpise. Below are links to the video recordings and presentations for some of the top viewed sessions to-date from the AR educational track. Click here to access the full LiveWorx '20 Content Archive, featuring over 120 session in 15 different tracks and specialized content areas.

Vuforia AR Enterprise Solution Suite Advancements
Marc Schuetz, VP, Augmented Reality Product Management, PTC
The Augmented Reality (AR) technology landscape is dynamic and exciting, with a wide range of opportunities for value realization across the industrial enterprise. Watch this replay to learn about PTC’s market-leading Vuforia Augmented Reality Enterprise Solution Suite comprehensive technology offering and the roadmap for the future. Vuforia Augmented Reality delivers groundbreaking results with knowledge capture and transfer, 3D work instructions, augmented remote assistance and industry-leading customer application development and serves as the core user experience for the future of the industrial enterprise. Learn how the Vuforia AR Enterprise Solution Suite can arm your workforce with the power to drive operational efficiency, improve customer experiences and increase opportunities for growth.

The Effective Implementation of SOPs Using Augmented Expert Guidance
Ronan Kelly, Innovative Technology Solutions Senior Manager, Pfizer and Catherine Logan, Digital Manufacturing, Pfizer
Pharmaceutical manufacturing is rapidly increasing in complexity. This comes with more complex procedures, the need for effective training and more demand for knowledge retention from front-line workers. Lengthy standard operating procedures (SOPs) and "read-and-understands" are a core part of training, but can seem redundant and difficult to follow to the new digitally-inclined workforce. Introducing new technology is required to keep our workforce engaged, motivated and productive but this can be challenging in a highly regulated, quality-driven environment. Capturing the tacit knowledge of skilled workers is a hugely valuable resource that Pfizer has been tapping into with augmented expert guidance. Learn how Pfizer Digital Manufacturing has been equipping the workforce with the tools to create improved procedure documentation, effectively transferring tacit knowledge, and empowering workers with knowledge at their fingertips.

Tips & Tricks to Successfully Deploy Enterprise Augmented Reality
Shelley Peterson, Emerging Technologies Lead & Principal Investigator for Augmented Reality, Lockheed Martin | Mark Sage, Executive Director, AREA | Paul Davies, Boeing
This informal and deep-dive discussion with leading practitioners provides honest and open insight into the AR solutions they have deployed, the ROI they have achieved, and issues/ challenges they have overcome. Watch the replay!

Modernizing Technician Training with Augmented Reality
Wes Tomer, Augmented Reality Training Specialist, Atlas Copco VTS
Atlas Copco Vacuum Technique produces vacuum pumps and systems that are essential in a wide range of applications such as thin-film coating, mass-spectrometry, solar technology, steel-degassing, and food packaging. Manufacturing, sales, and distribution centers cover multiple brands and a vast range of products requiring service. Service technicians are spread across the globe in teams to maintain and repair a wide range of vacuum pumps. There is an ever-increasing need for training as new products are developed more rapidly. Traditional training methods require an instructor in a classroom setting, but Atlas Copco has added augmented reality (AR) training to provide a more modern, flexible solution. Self-paced AR training enables technicians to delve deeply into the content to gain a better understanding of products. It allows them to get 3D in-context guidance without having an instructor in the room, and learn while having their hands free to work on the physical product. Watch this session recording to learn more about how Atlas Copco is using Augmented Reality in its service business.

Implementing Augmented Reality for Training
Matthew Kwiatkowski, Innovation Program Lead, GE
Whether it’s used for performance support or live procedural guidance, augmented reality is changing the way GE trains its field engineers. Take a journey through the progression that GE Healthcare has undergone while implementing AR into its extensive training platforms. Learn several tips and tricks about how to implement AR smoothly, including how to prep OEM CAD models.

These are just a handful of the sessions from the AR Track, be sure to check out the Archive to see them all.

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