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Manufacturing and Supply Chain have arguably been some of the most impacted and disrupted areas of business in 2020 as a result of the global pandemic. It has also been one of the most interesting areas to watch shift and grow, leveraging digital transformation. LiveWorx '20 featured a diverse set of sessions on IIoT for the Factory, focusing on traditional challenges and opportunities as well as ones specific to emerging successfully from the COVID-19 crisis. Below are links to the video recordings and presentations for some of the top viewed sessions to-date from the IIoT for the Factory educational track. Click here to access the full LiveWorx '20 Content Archive, featuring over 120 sessions in 15 different tracks and specialized content areas.

Adding The Human "Expert" - Your Machine Has Never Been This Predictable
Kevin Carlin, VP CbM_Otosense AI, Analog Devices
Analog Devices (NASDAQ: ADI) is a world leader focused on solving the engineering challenges associated with signal processing in electronic equipment. They have evolved to perform Sensing Interpretation, turning raw physical data into actionable insights. Watch this session replay to learn how ADI is delivering machine data insights (data to knowledge) through their portfolio of AI offerings. You will get an appreciation of how ADI is connecting human experts to the AI platforms and explore advantages. This session offers real use-case examples including predictive maintenance solutions for almost any machine as well as improving quality control throughput of the manufacturing line. Learn about this Industry 5.0 approach that connects human experts with machine learning software.

Unleashing the Power of IIoT and Cellular Connectivity
Kiva Allgood, Head of Internet of Things, Business Area Technologies and New Businesses, Ericsson and Steve Dertien, CTO, PTC
PTC and Ericsson are partnering to make Industrial IoT and connectivity simple. By combining Ericsson’s leadership in cellular technology with PTC’s industrial expertise, enterprises can speed up cellular IoT deployment and realize the value of Industry 4.0. And lay the foundation for 5G to realize the benefits of network slicing, edge computing and high reliability, low latency communications. Watch the replay now!

Unlock Double Digit Impact With Digital Transformation Solutions
Howard Heppelmann, Vice President and General Manager, Smart Connected Operations, PTC and Craig Melrose, Executive Vice President, Digital Transformation Solutions, PTC
There has never been a greater challenge imposed upon manufacturing and supply chains around the world than today. These disruptions are having dramatic effects on corporate leaders who are responsible for organizational strategies focused on value and optimized revenue. We know normal operations have changed, but how do you determine which initiatives will have the greatest impact on recovery and how do you operationalize digital transformations at scale? Companies with a laser focus on financial impact and the prioritization of limited resources against high-value use cases, can achieve a successful digital transformation journey. Watch this presentation replay as senior executives Craig Melrose and Howard Heppelmann discuss how you emerge from this crisis, today. 

ŠKODA Transforms the Maintenance Ecosystem with Augmented Reality and IIoT
Lukáš Kousal, Manager of Technical and SMART Maintenance in Press Shop, ŠKODA AUTO a.s. and Jiří Parma, IT Smart Maintenance Project Manager, ŠKODA AUTO a.s.
The Press Shop ŠKODA AUTO a.s. needed to develop a brand-new condition monitoring system to monitor the Schuler PXL Press Lines, and help the maintenance department monitor key devices and values. SMART Maintenance FIOT deals with the whole maintenance ecosystem including data collection, condition monitoring, smart maintenance, predictive maintenance and augmented reality. The FIOT system monitors the Press Lines and their parameters, compressed air consumption, energy consumption, the flow rates and temperatures of cooling water, the temperatures of the main motors, pressing force values, vacuum, PROFINET networks, etc. The FIOT has features like 3D model (digital twin) visualizations, an alert subsystem, augmented reality and links to the relevant documentation. The system, which is based on OPC communications and the ThingWorx IoT platform was built by Czech company FOXON s.r.o. The FIOT is represented using the web app and the mobile tablet which is user-friendly. Watch this session replay to learn how ŠKODA is transforming their maintenance ecosystem through digital transformation.

Computer-Aided Production System (CAPS): The Future of Production
David Siep, Assembly Process and Technology Specialist, Knorr Bremse SfS GmbH
Watch this recording to hear how Knorr Bremse Sfs GmbH has integrated all major systems and platforms within their company through a CAPS (Computer Aided Production System) project. You will learn how they decided to enhance their PLM environment with a MPMLink installation to establish the manufacturing-oriented capabilities. Using MPMLink to model their manufacturing and assembly processes by creating detailed process plans, with exact part allocation, the creation of manufacturing optimized bills of materials and maintaining also production-related resources generates immense synergies. Besides the MPMLink side of their project, you will also hear how they created a globally used application (leveraging ThingWorx) to display and transport the manufacturing-related information into the production locations to assure stable, reliable and safe manufacturing processes.

These are just a handful of the sessions from the IIoT for the Factory Track, be sure to check out the Archive to see them all.

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