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At LiveWorx 2020, keynote presenter Blake Moret, Chairman and CEO of Rockwell Automation, provided the audience with one of the many sessions, "Expanding Human Possibility."

Moret highlighted how PTC’s strategic partner, Rockwell Automation, is working to help their customers become more resilient through these unprecedented times. Notably, the word resilience was echoed throughout Blake’s keynote, speaking to the strength and adaptability that Rockwell Automation customers have executed on, within their various industries.

Moret emphasized three key themes during his keynote: speed to market, agility, and trusted innovation that drives safety. Read this article to take a deep dive on each topic.

Moret concluded the session by recognizing that it's essential for businesses to remain strong in their partnerships, continuing to enhance relationships with customers and hone in on industry knowledge to better understand the unique challenges they are facing. Coupled with trusted technology and products that add value, expanding human potential is attainable for all businesses. 

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