Now through September 26, 2019 is your only opportunity to submit a proposal to become a speaker at LiveWorx 20. Topics under the IIoT for the Factory Track include:

  • Augmented Reality
  • Energy & Resources Management
  • Factory Performance Benchmarking, Productivity & Optimization
  • Workforce Productivity - Address The Human Element of Industry 4.0
  • Industry 4.0/Smart Manufacturing
  • Best Practices in the Digital Factory
  • Asset Optimization & Analytics in the Factory
  • Real-Time Quality in the Factory
  • Real-Time Supply Visibility
  • Security in the Factory & OT Networks
  • The Edge & Hybrid Deployments
  • OT/IT Convergence & Industrial Connectivity
  • Enterprise Scale/Multi-Factory Deployments
  • Scalable Production Management & MES
  • Value Drivers & Financial Impacts

Bring your subject matter expertise to the forefront by presenting at LiveWorx, June 8-11, 2020 in Boston! All speakers receive a complimentary All Access Pass and speaker coaching. Get more details on submission guidelines, session types, suggested content and more in the Call for Papers & Content Checklist. Don't wait, submit today!

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