Adelaide Hickey

Student , Red Hawk Robotics

Adelaide (Addy) Hickey is a Sophomore in High School, and member of the Melrose Red Hawk Robotics team. She is involved in electrical design, business relations, mechanical fabrication, and design in CAD. She is very familiar with the usage of CAD software, specifically Onshape, in both designing robots and other projects. Addy has been a member of the team for 2 years, and has witnessed first hand the speed at which the team is able to design, build, and iterate an entirely functional robot.

Session Track:

Tuesday, May 16 3:45 PM - 4:15 PM 211

CA1529C - Ultra Fast Design Process Rockets High School to a World Championship

Powered by Onshape, the MHS Red Hawks Robotics program used a highly collaborative, ultra-fast 8-week design methodology to qualify for the FIRST Robotics World Championships through a series of progressive iterations. This was only possible by shedding their legacy desktop modeling platform to maximize the use of valuable student and mentor time. FeatureScript and master sketches helped design reliable robotic systems for shooting, climbing, driving, and more. The students were able to 3D print and CNC carve to make their own parts, as well as partner with a volunteer local manufacturer. Students segmented the design into subsystems. From four-bar intakes to fly wheel shooters, team members are now able to iterate on any design while staying cohesive. Onshape makes it all possible.

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