Alexander Ouellet

Engineering Manager, Innovation , Harpak Ulma

Alexander Ouellet is the innovation manager at Harpak Ulma Packaging. In his role at Harpak, Alexander is responsible for the strategy, development and implementation of all of Harpak’s Augmented Reality initiatives. Prior to joining the Harpak team, Alexander was a senior applications engineer at PTC, where he was a subject matter expert on AR. In this role, Alexander architected training plans, built courses for customers and partners, and was a front line resource in assisting customers in realizing value with augmented reality.

Session Track:

Tuesday, May 16 3:45 PM - 4:15 PM 102 B

ES1161P - Sustainability In Operations: Metrics, Reporting, and Improvement

Manufacturers are baselining environmental footprints, committing to improvements, and disclosing potential climate risks. Whether you design, manufacture, operate, or service products, your role will be increasingly involved in collecting and utilizing this data. Join our panel of experts in this dynamic space to learn more about what numbers and metrics matter for you, and how leading organizations are using data to drive improvements.

Session Track:

Wednesday, May 17 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM 204

AR1538B - Deploying an OEM AR Support Tool: The Value of Enabling End Customers

OEM’s can play a key role in Digital Transformation within their served industries. Harpak-ULMA has embraced AR as a key aspect of its GTM strategy, and has implemented AR-based remote support, virtual training, visual work instructions, and most recently, customer self-service tools. Working collaboratively with several Fortune 50 CPG producers, Harpka-ULMA has commercialized AR as a support tool. In this PTC moderated discussion, Harpak-ULMA and one of their CPG customers will provide an overview of the strategy behind commercializing AR, the benefits of enabling customers with self-service tools, and highlight the value customers have seen from augmented reality.

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