Andrew McGough

Product Manager , PTC

Andy has been Product Manager for Mathcad at PTC since 2013. He oversees the product strategy and roadmap for Mathcad Prime and works closely with the R&D team to define and prioritize the content of each release, using feedback from customers, PTC technical support, and subject matter experts to ensure each new area of functionality is aligned with user’s requirements. Previous to his role in product management, Andy worked as a senior product definition engineer on Mathcad, creating technical requirements from customer and product management input and translating them into functionality to be implemented by the R&D teams. In that capacity, he worked closely with customers for input on content and usability testing to make sure new features were designed to customer needs. Before joining PTC, Andy worked in the general aviation industry managing UI requirements for glass flight deck systems for small aircraft. Prior to that, he worked for fifteen years in the UK defense industry, starting his career on a three-year technician apprentice program, progressing to a hardware engineer position and finally into system engineering, with responsibilities for system design and test requirements for both military and commercial radar systems. Andy has a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Systems and a postgraduate diploma in Defense Sensors and Data Fusion from the Royal Military College of Science, UK.

Session Track:

Wednesday, May 17 2:50 PM - 3:20 PM 210 A

CA1494P - PTC’s Creo Tips & Tricks

PTC product managers and software experts lead this popular annual session as they showcase the very latest and most useful tips and tricks for Creo 10. Make your job easier - and more fun - with this session.

Session Track:

Tuesday, May 16 3:45 PM - 4:15 PM 212

CA1497PR - More with Mathcad: A Roadmap Through Your Favorite Engineering Notebook

Engineering calculations are at the heart of every engineering product and process. When properly managed, engineering calculations have the power to create next-level products while minimizing complications. With Mathcad, discover how to best organize and consolidate your calculations. Join this session for insight into the state of Mathcad right now, how bicycle component manufacturer SRAM LLC is using Mathcad, and what's in store for the future.

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