Antonio Mazzoldi

Senior Manager Systems and Mechanical Engineering , Capgemini

Antonio Mazzoldi is Senior Solutions Manager with Capgemini Engineering, currently leading Systems Engineering , MBSE and MBE for the North American market. He has 13+ years of experience in product development and engineering services, having been involved in different projects spanning from conception and detail design of new products to industrial ramp-up and in-service support activities. Strongly focused on aerospace, he led teams developing manned commercial and military aircraft and UAVs in university and industry. Passionate about technology and innovation, he’s always looking for new challenges and gladly engage in large transformation programs and solutions at the forefront of the intelligent industry, helping customers adopting innovative model based best practices for their product development.

Session Track:

Monday, May 15 1:20 PM - 1:50 PM 208

PL1910B - Solving The Complexity of MBE Adoption by Modeling Interoperability

Model-based enterprise adoption is focused on enabling an accurate digital exchange of data across different enterprise functions and stakeholders. Starting the journey from CAD, CAM, and PLM, MBE has aimed to establish connections among different tools and progressively replace documents with models, metadata, and other machine-readable artifacts. While the integration of CAD/CAM and PLM has been long solved in a multi-vendor environment, connections upstream and downstream of the product definition have proven MBE adoption to be a complex problem. Using the very same modeling methods and techniques used in systems development, we have addressed specific interoperability use cases and helped solve the MBE problem at scale.

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