Bryan Enabnit

VP of Customer Success , TriStar, Inc.

Serving as the VP of Customer Success for TriStar, Mr. Enabnit joined TriStar in 2002 as a Senior Account Manager. In 2006 he moved to Atlanta, GA where he started the SE region and eventually became the Regional Director. Prior to TriStar, he owned his own reseller in Southern California, was part Owner and Engineering Director of a composites company and worked as an Senior Application Specialist at Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC). In his 27-year career, Bryan has developed expertise in selling and deployment of product development systems. Having functioned as an Applications Engineer, Trainer, Consultant, and Sales Representative, Mr. Enabnit has developed a deep understanding of the product development process and is able to adapt his skills to a variety of products and complex situations. His sole responsibility is making sure TriStar customers maximize the return on investment of the products and services sold.

Session Track:

Thursday, May 18 10:10 AM - 10:40 AM 105

PL1877B - How to Truly Achieve Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) with Creo & Windchill

Model-Based Definition and Model-Based Enterprise (MBD/MBE) is not simple, easy, or fast. MBD offers little value on its own, while MBE with part-centric PLM offers great value. Achieving MBE requires companies to not only adopt new technologies but also change culturally. In this session, we will review the foundation companies need to establish, explore how to augment things downstream to achieve success, and provide a demonstration of how this solution will work.

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