Cesare Schiatti

Digital Business Developer Manager , Celli Group

I studied theoretical economics at Bocconi University, with a deep focus on optimal currency areas against reality. During the college I spent six months as a Badger in the University of Wisconsin Madison, hosted by a fraternity. After the MsC I followed may data passion joining Crea-mc, a consultancy boutique working on off trade loyalty cards data to provide consultancy to FMGC manufactures as Ferrero or retailers as Esselunga or Carrefour. There I also ran the development of the first VR supermarket for consumer insights leveraging also eye-tracking technologies. Then I joined Celli Group to start Celli Digital Solutions, a business unit with the mission to ideate, develop, commercialise and support digital cloud services on IoT connected beverage dispensers. Recently we improved our digital capabilities acquiring Uqido, a digital company I participate in the selection and acquisition process in 2022. Now we handle thousands of connected dispensers in all continents providing high value services to key client as PepsiCo or Carlsberg as well as small customers. I like biking and I am going to participate to the Eroica race this fall with my 1974 Bianchi bike that has the same lovely light blue color of my Fender 50s Stratocaster.

Session Track: Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Wednesday, May 17 11:10 AM - 11:40 AM 211

II1805B - Redefining the Beverage Industry Through Digital Dispensing

Celli Group is a global Italian-based company that manufactures and services beverage distribution equipment for soft drinks, water, and beer. Celli is concerned by the lack of information that beverage companies have about their final consumers, due to a large number of intermediaries in the supply chain and have addressed this challenge by reshaping the beverage industry through connected products and cloud services, leveraging connected dispensers based on ThingWorx. This unlocks powerful data driven insights, proactive maintenance, quality monitoring and additional data-based services. In this way, Celli "reconnects" beverage companies to the last mile of the supply chain, by giving them more visibility on the preferences of their final consumers improving asset management.

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