Christoph Herrmann

Senior Technical Architect , PTC

Based in Germany, with a background in computer science, joined PTC in 2010 as an academy student and subsequently joined a large automotive program in Germany as implementation consultant. In the same program later took over technical architect roles for complex system components and customization. After that, went over towards technical infrastructure lead role on the same program. While still performing this role, other projects which included performance measuring/tuning, infrastructure integration and new system setup, came in as side projects. In summer 2022 the opportunity arose to take the lead architect role on another automotive customer project from Germany, which was immediately taken.

Session Track:

Wednesday, May 17 11:10 AM - 11:40 AM 102 B

PL1312C - Up to Speed Windchill+: 5 Months From Order to Go-Live

If you are working in the automotive industry, speed is key. Not only for the products you create but also for the amount of time you need to set up and run a PLM System. PTC’s SaaS offering of Windchill+ allows our customers to start configuring their system for full process support and SAP system integration within a short timeframe.

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