Clay Helberg

Solution Architect , EAC

Clay Helberg has been working with PTC solutions since 2005, and with Arbortext products for several years before that. He provides solutions, consulting, and mentoring for Arbortext products, Creo Illustrate, and Vuforia Studio. He has presented at several Liveworx, PlanetPTC, and PTC/USER events. He lives and works in Duluth, MN.

Session Track:

Monday, May 15 2:15 PM - 2:45 PM 102 B

AR1088B - Creo Illustrate for AR Developers

Creo Illustrate is a powerful tool for creating engaging augmented reality (AR) content. It allows you to quickly and easily create informative animations and manage 3D objects to be used in AR experiences. But there are some things you should know to get the best use out of the tool specifically when authoring AR content. Some examples include: polishing the appearance of 3D objects, leveraging the sBOM for animations, working with animation timelines and keyframes, embedding descriptions in animation steps, assemblies with missing components, and making 3D symbols Vuforia-friendly.

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