Daniel Kingham

VP Service Innovation and Digitalisation , Elekta

Daniel Kingham heads up the Service Innovation function at Elekta, a leading innovator of precision radiation therapy solutions. Initially starting his career in the Telecommunications industry working on cutting edge technology, the experiences gained allowed Daniel to forge a career in the medical industry by taking product connectivity from proof-of-concept in its infancy, to a business-critical enabler of clinical availability. Part of Daniel's role incorporates accountability for the development and operations of Elekta's IoT solution - IntelliMax, ensuring utilization of connectivity into solutions and the continued evolution of the business case that provides value customers, and ultimately and benefiting patients.

Session Track:

Wednesday, May 17 11:10 AM - 11:40 AM 105

SE1893C - ThingWorx and ServiceMax: Elekta’s Journey to Leading in Connected Service

Business leaders continue to struggle with having the right resources in place to support their growth and profitability objectives. IDC’s research indicates this is a major reason why connected and remote service solutions are seeing increased traction. Yet connectivity is still extremely difficult to achieve given internal barriers and external customer concerns. With all the advances in connectivity, only a small number of all organizations have connected assets in place or successful connected programs. Elekta is a leader in connected service, having prioritized its connected products as a critical part of its service journey. Following their investment, Elekta is on a path to expand its connected footprint and deliver value to a larger group of stakeholders across their organization.

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